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Around the world, millions of people are battling alcohol and drug addictions. It is estimated that between 4% and 7% of the total adult population in any country meet the criteria of an alcohol or drug addict. In the US alone, twenty million people suffer from alcohol and drug addictions. There are over ten million alcoholics and drug addicts in the UK and Canada. Sadly, 50% to 90% of those who seek help and successfully complete their treatment relapse within a year. These numbers paint a gloomy picture and dishearten addicts and their families; they also worry addiction treatment specialists who are passionate about what they do.

This is exactly what the author of How to Stay Sober, Dr. Emmanuel Nzuzu, is determined to change, and in his ground-breaking book, he outlines a step-by-step action plan that will help you get clean, stay sober, and avoid relapses.

The challenge of preventing relapses among people who successfully complete their treatment has been researched and debated by addiction experts and therapists around the world for years. Dr. Emmanuel Nzuzu devoted five years to researching the issue, and developed an innovative approach to substance abuse treatment. He established an alternative recovery system that fundamentally changes the mindset of the patient. In How To Stay Sober, Dr. Nzuzu gives practical guidance to people who are determined to overcome their alcohol or drug abuse disorder to ensure they remain clean and sober even after their treatment is finished.

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“If you want to stay sober, take the next step. You can find help, and you aren’t alone. The good news, you are already on your way by reading this book “How to Stay Sober.” Don’t look back and blame yourself or anyone else; look forward and make your path toward “How to Stay Sober.”

Dr. Melissa Caudle, Bestselling Author

Dr. Nzuzu has been successfully using the new treatment model with his patients for years. He is delighted to see a significant increase in the long-term sobriety success rate among them: “Now, I am on the mission to help as many courageous sufferers who want to change their lives as possible, and therefore I decided to write and publish the How to Stay Sober book and workbook to help them hands-on. People who want to overcome their substance addictions deserve a fair fighting chance, and this is exactly what my book is offering to them.”

Professional Review *****

From the outset, the book offers hope and enlightened optimism to the reader. A clear and specific vision of life after alcohol and drugs is key to long term sobriety. The book comes as a complete package, with a well-thought-out workbook of useful and relevant practical exercises designed to enhance and enrich the recovery process. This gem of a book is a must-read!”

Dr. Rugare Manerva, Professor

How to Stay Sober is now available in paperback, e-book, and audiobook formats on Amazon, and Dr. Nzuzu hopes that it will help to reduce the staggering number of relapses, making the world a better place, and giving millions of addicts and their families a chance to have a meaningful and fulfilling life.

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